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Outdoor activities: Biciacción
Our goal is to make Ecuador a country of bicycles
Text: Pilar Cobo / Photos: Patricia Salvador / Translation: Gaspo Sánchez
Tags: Tourism & Travel, Reports, Health, Ecology, Destinations
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Page 1 of 2│ January 10, 2011
Biciacción an outdoor activity.

Biciacción was born seven years ago as a proposal from a group of university students who attended one of the camps of the Ecological Action foundation. The ideal that brought them together was to require the authorities to build safe places for bicycling, a requirement that has always been a necessity.


One of the first proposals that was prompted by Biciacción was something called pedal's fridays, which was a sort of route thru the city where only bikes were allowed. Mario Muñoz, chief executive of the organization, tell us that these bike only rides "exists to say something to society, it is possible to take care of the enviroment from the way you move yourself from one place to another within the city."

The bike rides at night started on 2003, and since then every month more a more people from and outside the downtown became new cyclists. Biciacción administered for four years the guided rides until 2007 but the initiative remained, nowadays a lot of people gather out not just to ride a bike, but walking, jogging and exercise with the "bike group", the bike rides takes place every Sunday. 

We must say these are not only rides, from time to time Biciacción makes free bike tours departing from the offices of the organization.


These bike tours, which take place every friday night, consists of cycling to various locations in the city where cultural events occur. This is done in coordination with the Municipality of Quito, which guarantees safety for the cyclists. The bike tours, according to Muñoz, aim "to promote cycling in the evenings and the knowledge of our culture." All Biciacción initiatives, are always pointed to teach people the importance of sustainable transportation.

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