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Schubert Ganchozo el artesano del Bambú
33% manaba, 33% de Los Ríos, 33% guayaco y 100% montubio
Investigación: Patricia Salvador Redacción: Pilar Cobo / Fotografías: Patricio Rivera
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Página 1 de 2 │ 05 Mayo 2012
Schubert Ganchozo el artesano del Bambú

Is not new that the world is in constant change, Latin America is a perfect example of that, constantly adapting techniques and knowledge from others, people from these regions are used to continuous transformation, but in all those transformation processes our roots are always present. The ecuadorian society is one that still keeps alive their ancestral essence, despite of centuries of cultural pressures. For the ecuadorian musician Schubert Ganchozo our roots must be not oly in the music itself but in the instruments as well, a pioneer of instrument manufacturing Mr.Ganchozo make his instruments only with native materials found within our country.


A professional musician and composer Schubert Ganchozo's family comes from different provinces of Ecuador, he told us he consider himself to be 33% from Manabi, 33% from Los Rios, 33% from Guayas and a 100% Montubio, the Montubio is a popular character from the ecuadorian folklore, people commonly recognized among other characteristics for the pride they have of their roots.

It should not take us by surprise to find musical instrumets inside Schubert's studio in the city of Guayaquil but we were amazed to see xylophones, violins, violas, cellos, bassesx, guitars, drums, flutes, all made of Guadua, a kind of bamboo, all instrumments has the ganchozo logo carved on them, the Bamboo used is of a native type from our country it grows in the coasts and humid enviroments, as a contruction material is both lightweight and strong bringing togheter,the strenght found on steel without the extra weight and an extended flexibility, because of these properties the gaudua has been used for the last 1200 years in all sorts of things from basic housing to hunting.


One of the current projects of Mr.Ganchozo is The Bamboo Orchestra (Orquesta Guadúa) he told us that he firts came up with this idea after a negative experience with technology some years ago at the beginning of an important concert some of the computers crashed and for more than 30 minutes they were not able to perform, people were waiting in total silence he told us, that event marked a turning point in his musical career.

After that incident Mr.Ganchozo saw that most musicians depended on a high tecnological setup to perform, therefore musicians does not have total control over the hardware they dependent on, so for a musician or creative individual to be able to create and compose music, first he must be free from that high tech jail, Schubert later told himself "if an instrument is damaged, I must be able to repair it with my hands".

Apart from the high tech involved in music production there was an even more important aspect, the cultural one, most of our national music is performed on instruments that are not ours, the music and the instruments we use to play must be ours too, fail to do so is not consistent with the intention to make national music. Schubert recognized the need to generate the appropriate technology to create our own musical instruments based in natural materials, with that the manufacture falls 95% on Ecuadorian hands which is a plus.

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