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Zapallo Verde food cooperative
Agroecological food production available to all
Text: Patricia Salvador, Pilar Cobo / Photos: Patricia Salvador / Translation: Gaspo Sánchez
Tags: Ecuadorian Culture, Andean cuisine, Traditions, Fairs
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Page 1 of 1 │ March 12, 2011
Zapallo Verde food cooperative, agroecological food production.

Guided by the need to live better and well fed, was born four years ago the food cooperative Zapallo Verde, a small group of citizens who, eager to generate concrete solutions and implementable actions, decided to seek suppliers and agroecological producers to provide food free from pesticides and chemicals to the city of Quito.


Ximena Porras, one of its participants and consumers, told us that at the beginning there were a group of friends who met each week to share their home grown vegetables, on every new reunion more and more new producers and consumers came, that started all, people began to spread the word. Nowadays it has grown to be a food cooperative and an organized website from which you can order after the payment of a registration that ensures the reliability of the agreed purchase.

The delivery is every wednesday from 4pm to 8pm at the Casa del Árbol, a house managed by the food cooperative located on the streets Lugo y Vizcaya, in the Floresta neighborhood in Quito. "The idea is to gather both agroecological producers and consumers under the same roof". "Any new agroecological food producer is welcome as long as they don't sell the same products or food that we already have" says Ximena, the premise is not to create a monopoly but a community.


Ximena indicates that the purpose is not only of being producers and corner the market, it is necessary to produce only what is needed for the consumption of the small group of loyal customers and to encourage domestic production to avoid large industrialized crops, that exists only supported by chemicals in order to satisfy the food demand throughout the whole year, far exceeding the normal productivity of the earth.

"We as an agroecological food producer rely on natural techniques most of those found in ancestral knowledge that contribute to optimal human sustainability and balance with the production and procurement of food.

We need more organizations to come together and work in this way, to educate people and give them this healthy choice, we need more econetworks to share and impart knowledge and wisdom. It's important to give good seeds away so that families and small producers can make better quality crops. People must be aware that the planet is not one big business but the home of our growth and development.

How to get there? there were different themed films that undoubtedly attracted the attention of the public, eager to see a different kind of cinema, one with a much closer and human approach.

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